Corporate Information

A message from President

Heiwa Paper helps convey the charm of paper and foster a new paper culture.

We, Heiwa Paper, are a paper trading company focusing on textured papers which we call as fancy papers.

The popularity of tablet computers and the penetration of internet, have significantly changed the environment for the paper.

We would continue promoting the value of fancy papers as a communication tool that conveys "What people really want to express", by leaving certain feeling that takes shape and preserving memories.

“Product Appeal”, “distribution capability” and “proposal capability”

We would strengthen our three core ability and create new values to paper.

We would look toward the future of communication through fancy papers, and would consider the future of the globe through ecology papers.

To plant riches that continue to the future, we would create a paper culture that can only be made today.

Heiwa Paper would continue to consider about paper sincerity, to the future and to the world.

Yoshio Seike