Product Information
Eco Raxa Eco Raxa has a gentle texture which we call as Raxa. A Raxa paper with a wide variety of 38 colours which suits all design.
TANT TANT comes from the Italian word, "Tanto" which means "Many". As the brand name, the brand has a huge colour lineup of 150 colours ranging from accent colours to warm neutral colours.
Deep Mat As the brand name Deep Mat, the paper has "deep" colours and "matt" finish. This paper has heavy substances which ranges up to 523gsm.
Gokanshi Gokanshi is a geniune felt pattern paper with clear and bright colours. "Gokan" means "Five Senses" and was named with our hopes to gratify human senses.
Leathack 66 Leathack 66 is the best recognised leather patterned paper in Japan. Its destinctive patterns and wide colour range are different from other leather papers.
TANT Select
TANT Select is a completely new emboss paper with an unique and delicate touch. The special emboss technique used on the paper made double side embossing possible and to express intricate overlapping patterns on the same paper.
Kaguya Kaguya's name is taken from an ancient fairytale which belongs to the moon. As the brand name, all of the paper's concept inspires the mystic moon image.
Cotton Life S Cotton Life S has the touch of cotton cloth which provides a soft image. The colour lineup also, follows the soft image of cotton.
Shin-Bafunshi (Earth) Shin-Bafunshi is unique textured paper which is made by containing special fibers. The contained fibers form not only the unique texture, but also a natural and handmade image.
New Stardust New Stardust is a paper with the starlit image. The special silver flecks scatered on the surface, expresses the glitter of the stars in the night sky.
Satogami Satogami is a premium paper with the warm and natural image of traditional Japanese paper. The paper has a wide 50 colour lineup.
Bunpel Bunpel is a fancy paper with natural and strong material feeling. Each of Bunpel's colour expresses a different material feeling.
OK Muse Cotton OK Muse Cotton is a coloured laid patterned paper with a huge colour variety. The brand has 131 colours.
Moffle Moffle is a fancy paper which has several characters on one material. The material provides a different image to the final product by its multiple character.
Daniel Daniel is a kraft paper with a strong laid emboss.
Shalk Shalk is a bleached kraft paper with a strong laid emboss.
Araragi Araragi is made to have the traditional Japanese paper pattern of Danshi . Araragi is available in 27 colours.
Flitter Flitter is a woove like paper with very rough texture. The brand has heavy substance which ranges up to 512.2gsm.
Kenran Kenran is a basic coloured paper for heavy substance use. The paper is suitable for every package and card applications.
Fantas Fantas is a coloured cast coat paper which we have placed special care on its wide 30 colours.
Gentle is an multi-purpose paper in an economical price.
Mr.B Mr.B is a coated paper with strong texture and has 3 white colour shades.
New Raglin S New Raglin S is an uncoated premium paper which is one of our standards. The sophisticated texture provides luxury image and suits every application naturally.
A-Plan A-Plan is an attractively priced, high quality printing paper, ideal for various applications.
Graphy CoC Graphy CoC is an environment friendly uncoated printing paper. The paper has high recycled pulp content and FSC certification.
Marsh Mallow CoC Marsh Mallow CoC is a multi purpose printing paper. The paper has superior whiteness, smooth texture and stiffness.
Hokusetsu Hokusetsu is a multi purpose printing paper with an unique whiteness. The paper suits every printing purposes from inkjet to offset printing.
Kishu Rainbow Kishu Rainbow is a coloured woodfree paper with a wide colour range. A standard paper for all commercial printing applications.
Hi-Born A
Hi-Born is a metalic paper with unique emboss patterns. The paper is available in gold and silver colours which strengthens its metalic image.
Metadeep M
Metadeep M is a metalic paper with special emboss patterns and colours. The paper has several unique colours shades.
Pallook V Pallook V is a smooth surfaced pearlized paper. The smooth surface and uniformly coated colour strengthens the graceful pearl gloss.
Snow Petal Snow Petal is a translucent paper with snow crystal images.
Mandala Mandala is our standard coloured washi. The paper is an offset printable washi available in a wide variety of 108 colours.
Mizuho Mizuho is the name of our Washi collection. It contains over 630 items which are collected from all over Japan.
Katsura-Gold Katsura-Gold is a gold paper with traditional patterns. The paper has the oppositional, gorgeous and traditional image in balance.
Syokuhin-Shirafuji Syokuhin-Shirafuji is a washi which can directly touch food. The paper makes the food wrapping more attractive.
Toku-A Cushion Toku-A Cushion is a coaster paper. The offset printability makes the paper suitable for every application.
Fabric Fabric is a textile made from paper available in several unique patterns.
SS-Soft SS-Soft is a clear white coloured coaster paper. The offset printability makes the paper suitable for every application.